steamed fruit & veggies

  1. Place veggie (or fruit) in our snack cup
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of water and put snack lid on top
  3. Microwave on high for the 45 seconds - 2 minutes (see below)
  4. When ready, veggies should be tender (test with a fork)
  5. Turn cup upside down over sink and strain water from snack lid
  6. Let cool 1-2 minutes, or add cold water swish & strain again to cool
  7. Remove snack lid and serve!

Our favorites:

Broccoli: 40 seconds / 1 TB water

Brussel Sprouts: 1:15 minutes / 1 TB water

Carrots: 1:30 minutes / 1-2 TB water depending on thickness

Apples: 1:30 minutes / 1 TB water (see tip below)

Sweet Potatoes: 2:30 minutes / 2-3 TB water / stop half-way & shake (see tip below)

Tip! If you are steaming apples or potatoes, the moisture content can vary by variety. It helps to peel, dice and soak in water a few minutes before steaming.

* Microwave times will vary depending on make & model. The recipes above were prepared using a 1050-watt GE profile microwave.

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