why color?

the struggle was real

Don’t get us wrong, we love Instagram-worthy, neutral baby accessories – what mom doesn’t? But while we were busy stocking our shelves with beige bowls, our toddlers insist on the rainbow tie-dye cup from grandma’s recent trip to Hawaii. We were sick of adding a fight over tableware to the chaos of mealtime, but we couldn’t find something stylish enough for us to love and colorful enough for our kids to ask for. So, we decided to make it ourselves.

the science is real

Kids love color! By three months of age, experts say most babies are able to see color and prefer bright primary colors for brain stimulation rather than pastels or muted blends. As children try to make sense of their environments, objects that are stark and bright are more stimulating and interesting. Colors are some of their earlier words and one of the first ways they learn to sort things.

at morepeas we believe colors can be both

bright & beautiful